Hans Wackwitz (Founder – Chairman)

Mr. Wackwitz is the founder of Partners in Equity (2003 – present). Partners in Equity is a shareholder in BrightStar Benelux, a neuroperformance company based on Kullok technology. Mr. Wackwitz worked for Bankers Trust Company and Paribas Capital Markets in New York, Dallas, Hong Kong and London from 1979 until 1994. In 1994 he joined the Board of Cobepa in Brussels to lead its Private Equity and Venture Capital business. Mr. Wackwitz is a graduate of the State University of Groningen and has an MBA from Columbia University in New York.

Jose Roberto Kullok (Founder)

Seasoned inventor/scientist in the field of Life Sciences and Learning. Jose was granted US patents in the areas of ‘Physiological Mechanical Synergism’ and ‘Visual Perception’ and has a number of additional patents pending. Jose has also published papers in various scientific journals. Jose was the co-founder and VP of R&D at Epoch Innovations Inc., a neuroperformance company that developed the first neuro cardio-visual feedback technology to ameliorate dyslexia.

A Personal Note from Hans Wackwitz

My story starts in 2003 when my wife and I first heard about BrightStar. We were looking for a solution for our son who was diagnosed as dyslexic.

After completing BrightStar’s program and owing to its effectiveness, we were able to get our son up to speed ith his peers and into an excellent school. We contemplated this as a miracle at the time.

We obtained the rights to license this technology and opened a center in Holland, as back in those days only a clinical version of the application existed. We have run this for years and changed the lives of thousands of children and adults. As the scale of the issue is rather large, we resolved to upgrade this technology and also make it accessible worldwide via the internet. We started the development process two years ago and are now pleased to share it with you.

The Kullok family has worked on this technology for decades and this is our first product that can be offered online. We hope you will benefit as much as the many that were kind to share their testimonials and experiences with us.


Hans Wackwitz

A Personal Note from Jose Kullok

Welcome to BrightStar website. My name is Jose Roberto Kullok and together with my father Saul Kullok, my partner Hans Wackwitz and a scientific team, we have developed an innovative, user-friendly, web-based application called BrightStar
.  BrightStar technology is designed to help people of all ages to improve their reading and learning skills, and overcome reading difficulties and disabilities.

Effective use of BrightStar technology promotes substantive neuroplasticity changes in the brain in a relatively short period of time (eight weeks).  As such, BrightStar works in cooperation with professionals, teachers and education specialists to complement the effects of their own learning and remediation methods. The technology of was not conceived overnight. Quite the contrary, it is the end-result of decades of research , with one singular purpose in mind: help people to develop their literacy skills and expand their educational horizons in order for them to have more opportunities, realize their potential and experience a brighter future.

We are honored and grateful to join hands with teachers, educators and scientists all over the world that invest their dreams, time and efforts to impact the world through better education.

Yours Truly,

Jose Kullok