Our Booster, Reader and Builder programs are geared towards improving your reading, learning and motor skills… in just 8 or 12 weeks. The steps below will get you started and well on track.

1. Purchase the program


Buying BrightStar Booster, Reader or Builder will give you full access to the online program. 

Before buying, please note that: 


2. Sign up


After buying one of our programs, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link that you need to click to start the program. 

Please register first and complete the information form. The BrightStar program will be tailored according to the details provided, so please be as accurate as possible. 

Your information will be encrypted, securely transferred to our servers and not be shared with others (For details, see EULA or Privacy Policy). 

If you are registering your child for the program, please plan to be with your child during the BrightStar sessions. 

3. Get profiled!


Before starting with you first program session, a Cognitive Profile is made based on a set of short assessment tests. 

This profile will serve as a baseline for measuring overall progress in cognitive skills.

Two weeks after the last BrightStar program session your Cognitive Profile will be updated and you will receive the results of your progress.   

For more information, see Assessment Instructions

4. Start your training!


Once you have completed the Assessment tests, you are ready to start the program.

For more information, see Program Instructions

5. Get the results!


Two weeks after the last BrightStar program session, you will be asked to take a final assessment. It is possible to schedule the final assessment a few weeks later.

Your Cognitive Profile will be updated with the results, after which you will receive a final report.