Chicago Teachers Invited to Participate at First Event

CHICAGO, IL (April 16, 2012) — BrightStar Learning, Ltd. will host its first in a series of literacy-focused roundtables on Thursday, April 26 in Chicago. Primary school teachers from private, public and parochial schools will come together to discuss current challenges and solutions for improving fluency and comprehension skills among troubled readers.

“The purpose of these round tables is to increase the volume of the dialogue about literacy and share best-practices,” says BrightStar CEO Roland Dietz. “Participants at these round tables will be able to learn from each other and improve the effects of their own learning and remediation methods.”

BrightStar Learning is an international corporation dedicated to developing science-based technologies that enable individuals to overcome learning barriers. Earlier this month it announced the US launch of its internet-based BrightStar Reader program that improves reading fluency and focus for children struggling with learning challenges including Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, and Visual ADD.

Future round tables will feature a mix of parents, teachers, education specialists, scientists, and students. Participants to the first event are set, but BrightStar is encouraging those who would like to participate in future events to contact them through their Facebook page.

“We want to give everyone passionate about literacy a voice,” adds Dietz. “While many of our events will be have participants meeting in person, we will also hold a number of round tables online – to allow more people from across the globe to participate in this important topic.”

To request participation in BrightStar’s Literacy Roundtables, please visit BrightStar on Facebook and Twitter.  A full report on takeaways from the Chicago Teacher roundtable will be available on Friday, April 27.

About BrightStar Learning

BrightStar Learning is dedicated to improving the world through better education.  BrightStar works in cooperation with professionals, teachers and education specialists to develop technologies that help children develop their literacy skills and expand their education horizons. Through these products, children also gain increased confidence, more opportunities, realized potential and a brighter future. 

Kristen Allen 
CCO Healthcare Partners