Company offers special launch pricing/incentive

Chicago, IL (March 27, 2012) –BrightStar Learning, Ltd. today announced the immediate availability of its revolutionary BrightStar technology in an internet-based application that improves reading fluency and comprehension, especially for slow or reluctant readers often suffering from Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia, or Visual ADD.

In celebration of its U.S. launch, the company is offering the program for $175, a more than 50% discount. As an additional incentive, the first 30 users to complete the program will be offered a full refund in return for sharing their experience and results. Full details of the offer are available at  

BrightStar Reader is a web-based game-like application that works hand in hand with educators to accelerate the ability of dyslexic children and other problem readers to effortlessly and automatically recognize sight words. On average, reading levels increase by four months to a year after only eight short sessions conducted over two months.

“Being a poor reader puts children at a big disadvantage,” says Roland Dietz, Chief Executive Officer of BrightStar Learning. “BrightStar Reader has been proven to boost reading levels and perhaps just as importantly, helps give children the confidence they need to excel academically and socially in school.”

BrightStar Reader uses a patented, carefully-designed form of visual stimulation to induce targeted brain plasticity, retraining certain parts of the nervous system that are responsible for sensori-motor control and coordination of eye movements. This results in improved reading ability.

This technology was developed by a father-son duo, Saul and Jose Kullok. Through 20 years of research the Kulloks have discovered some unique insights into coordination aspects of both the autonomic or visceral nervous system (ANS) and central nervous system (CNS).

“After the success my son enjoyed by going through the BrightStar program, I knew I needed to bring this product to the rest of the world. I’m excited to now offer this technology in America. ” says Hans Wackwitz, co-founder of BrightStar. “The acceleration in learning that BrightStar delivered immediately helped my child become ‘unstuck’ and improved his reading abilities by more than a year.”

BrightStar has been helping children worldwide since 2003. Numerous studies of its clinical-based program show that most children enjoy significant improvements after the eight week program. The program was clinically tested by Nottingham University in the United Kingdom.

In an effort to reach more students, BrightStar developed the web-based version that children can utilize either with the help of a professional or in the comfort of their own home. The program is easily administered using a standard computer. There are no additional equipment or technology requirements.

The BrightStar Reader is now available at

About BrightStar Learning

BrightStar Learning is dedicated to improving the world through better education.  BrightStar works in cooperation with professionals, teachers and education specialists to develop technologies that help children develop their literacy skills and expand their education horizons. Through these products, children also gain increased confidence, more opportunities, realized potential and a brighter future. 

Kristen Allen 
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