BrightStar Learning is proud to launch the new Internet version of the successful clinical BrightStar Reader Program.

BrightStar Reader is a cutting-edge, internet game-like program that improves reading fluency and focus by enabling reluctant/slow/dyslexic readers to effortlessly and automatically recognize sight words. The application also helps those who have been diagnosed with dyspraxia or visual attention deficit disorders.

BrightStar Reader is recommended by professionals, teachers and education specialists to complement the effects of their own learning and remediation methods. Alleviating the stress and anxiety that comes with poor reading performance leads to increased confidence and a better life!

In eight 12-minutes sessions during the course of just 8 weeks, BrightStar Reader has been designed to bring about significant neuroplastic changes in the brain networks associated with the process of reading. These changes optimally impact the temporal & motor organization and coordination of sight and eye-hand movements, resulting in improved reading fluency. Eight weeks is all it takes …

The BrightStar Reader program is language-independent and extremely easy to use because there is:

  • No reading
  • No memorization
  • No active/involved learning
  • No skill to learn and practice

Personal progress is tracked in the BrightStar Reader program through performance results recorded automatically in the online Assessment Suite. 

About BrightStar Learning

BrightStar Learning is dedicated to improving the world through better education.  BrightStar works in cooperation with professionals, teachers and education specialists to develop technologies that help children develop their literacy skills and expand their education horizons. Through these products, children also gain increased confidence, more opportunities, realized potential and a brighter future. 

Kristen Allen 
CCO Healthcare Partners