BrightStar is an online, neuroscientific exercise that stimulates and rebalances the brain.

BrightStar BoosterFor Exam preparation

$ 99,–

8 sessions over a 6-week period Get Booster Now!

BrightStar ReaderFor slower readers & learners

$ 149,–

12 sessions over a 10-week period
  • for people with reading & learning issues
  • More information…
  • Improved reading and learning skills
  • Improved focus and eye-hand coordination
  • More self-confidence and self-esteem
  • System requirements
Get Reader Now!

BrightStar BuilderFor year-round program

$ 179,–

16 sessions over a 1 year period
  • year program for improved academic results
  • More information…
  • Improved comprehension & learning skills
  • Increased concentration level
  • Optimized for year-round curriculums
  • System requirements
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Are these the only programs?

Yes, BrightStar Booster, Reader and Builder are currently the only programs available. They offer the best value on the market for improving your reading and learning skills. We also have an additional Distributor program for administrators to manage multiple BrightStar programs. 

When will my account be activated?

After purchasing one of our programs, you will instantly receive a confirmation message with a link where you can register, activate and login into the BrightStar program.

Are there any discounts?

Absolutely! There are special pricing plans for certain regions in the world. We also provide regular discounts, promotions and special offers to our clients throughout the year. For more information on current discounts, please contact us.

Is licensing possible, or are there special versions?

Yes, licensing BrightStar technology is possible. Please feel free to contact us to explore the options! We also have a white label version of our technology available for use in larger institutions.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. We are committed to providing high-quality service and products. In fact, we are so confident about the effectiveness of our BrightStar program that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If your reading skills have not improved at all after completing the program in full and in accordance with the Protocol of Use, please contact us. One of our Customer Care representatives will be happy to refund your purchase promptly.

 Can the purchase be cancelled before starting the program?

Yes. If you have not started the BrightStar program yet, you can ask for your money back. However, only within 21 days of the purchase date. A full refund will be given within 14 days of receipt of your written refund request.

Can I claim a refund before having completed the program?

No. If, due to reasons of force majeure, you are unable to complete the program, please contact us. We can suspend your remaining sessions for up to 6 months if you submit a written request within 14 days of your last missed session.

Any other questions?

If you don’t see an answer to your questions here, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.