BrightStar Builder

Fortifier of learning capabilities

BrightStar Builder is a year-round program for controlled growth in learning skills.

The Builder program is especially suited for educational institutions and students who are keen to raise their level of academic performance. It’s easy to administer in short bursts of implicit stimulus.

Advancement is measured every semester. With the Builder program, these results can be achieved within 12 months: 

Improved learning skills
and text comprehension

concentration level

More focus and better
eye-hand coordination

Optimized for
year-round curriculums

How to implement BrightStar within your school.

How to administer BrightStar

Program steps

Purchase & Activation 
After purchasing BrightStar Builder on this website, you will receive an e-mail from us with an activation link that you need to start the program. Activate the program when you are ready for your first session.

For detailed instructions, click the buttons above or visit the Get Started Support section.

Registration & Setup
Please register first and complete the information form. The BrightStar program will be tailored according to the details provided, so please be as accurate as possible.

Check the System Requirements and the Age & Health Requirements for a successful setup. 
If you are registering your child for the program, please plan to be with your child during the sessions.

Assessment & Feedback
Before starting with BrightStar, a Cognitive Profile is made based on a short set of tests. This profile will serve as a baseline for measuring overall progress in cognitive skills.

After each BrightStar Program session, your performance measurements can be found in the Results section. You have to be logged in to access this area and view feedback.

BrightStar Sessions & Two-week Breaks
The Builder program consists of 16 BrightStar sessions. It is recommended that you take 2 sessions a week.  After completing each 4th session, a break of minimal two weeks will follow.  This resting period is actually beneficial for the overall progress. Each session lasts 12 minutes. After each session, proposals will be given for a next session appointment.

You can start the BrightStar sessions once the Builder program has been activated and the initial assessment completed. 

Evaluation & Results
Two weeks after the last session of the BrightStar program session your Cognitive Profile will be updated and you will receive the final results. It is possible to have the final assessment scheduled a few weeks later. The processes that BrightStar starts are gradual and steady, with effects that continue long after the program has finished.


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