Distributor allows educational professionals to administer BrightStar within their organization.

All BrightStar programs require licenses in order to function. Especially in a school and workgroup setting, this requires basic administrative tasks and central monitoring.

The Distributor interface provides an easy to use online environment for central administration. It also has sophisticated tools for session tracking, scheduling and reporting.

Straightforward UI

User group administration

Session tracking

Comprehensive reporting

How to implement BrightStar within your school.

How to administer BrightStar.

Distributor functionality

BrightStar-School-Management-175-255School & Group Management allows Distributor administrators to edit, view and control all relevant School, Course and User information at a high level. Amongst others, the following functions are included: 

  • Add and edit School information
  • Assign Course and License information

BrightStar-Distributor-User-Management-252-200User Management allows Distributor administrators to generate and edit all relevant User information. Amongst others, the following functions are included: 

  • Basic user information (Name, Email, Language, Location)
  • License information (License number and (de-) activation) 
  • Program course information (Program type, Payment, Status)
  • Additional information (Notes, Alerts, Activities)

BrightStar-Distributor-License-Management-252-200License Management allows Distributor administrators to add, assign, edit program license information. Amongst others, the following functions are included: 

  • Generate, assign & edit program licenses for schools, groups and individual clients
  • Generate and Send trial program licenses
  • Edit single and multiple program license seats


BrightStar-Distributor-Session-Tracking-2-200Session Tracking allow Distributor administrators to:

  • Monitor Course progress on individual and group level
  • Send out notices and session reminders

BrightStar-School-Management-250-1Report and Evaluation tools allow Distributor administrators to:

  • Generate comprehensive reports in the most common file formats (.CSV / Excel) on a variety of Course-related subjects
  • View overall Course progress by Schools and Users
  • Communicate with both School and End user about the progress 


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