Novel Application

If you have trouble reading, it is likely that you can benefit from BrightStar Programs. BrightStar Learning Technology uses a novel type of visual stimuli in conjunction with a simple hand-to-eye game-like task in software form. BrightStar Programs were created to help people suffering from reading difficulties and Dyslexia to improve their ability to handle reading and writing projects and tasks.

Dramatic Improvement

While BrightStar Learning Technology makes no claims of being a cure-all, many children and adults who suffer from reading difficulties and Dyslexia have shown dramatic improvements after taking part in the earlier non-internet BrightStar Program. For many, the earlier non-internet version 8-weeks’ BrightStar Program advanced their reading age by as much as 11 months.

Reading Ease

During the testing of the earlier non-internet BrightStar Program version, it was found that single-word recognition in child participants improved by the equivalent of 19 months. At first, parents may be skeptical about the program but are more than persuaded of the value of BrightStar Learning’s innovative software after receiving positive feedback from their children’s educators. The kids just seem to have a greater ease with reading, and may even begin to read for pleasure—something that would have been unheard of prior to participating in the BrightStar Program.

Passive Gaze

The BrightStar Booster program consists of 8 sessions of 12-minutes each, and  held twice a week, BrightStar Reader program is longer with 12 sessions over 10-week period. During a BrightStar Program session with game-like task software, the subject is passive as he is presented with a visual display of fast-moving icons that flash from time to time. These icons move everywhere within the visual display on the screen. From time to time, a simple game-like task that aims to attract visual attention away from the ongoing visual stimuli in the periphery of the screen, is displayed at the center of the screen.

Greater Efficiency

The developers of BrightStar Learning software maintain that passive staring at these fast-moving icons that flicker from time to time helps to train specific areas of the brain to work with greater efficiency though the training takes place in an involuntary manner without the participant’s awareness. The relaxed, passive state of mind of the individual as he gazes at these fast-moving, sometimes flickering icons, enables the stimulation of certain brain structures bearing an intimate relationship to the process of reading. Stimulating these brain structures leads to measurable gains in literacy skills such as: faster word retrieval and recognition, reading fluency, and comprehension.

Technological Breakthrough

The inventors of BrightStar Learning Technology believe they have happened on a technological breakthrough through correlating the fast-moving icons and their flickering behavior as they appear on the visual display to the individual’s personal physiological activity. BrightStar Learning has developed an exclusive set of algorithms designed to help the nervous systems of the brain and body work together in a more efficient manner.

Body/Brain Correlation

BrightStar Learning scientists hold that the brain is more receptive to sensory motor stimuli and responds with greater efficiency when these activities are timed in correlation to the individual’s physiological activity. BrightStar Programs take advantage of this greater receptivity to tailor the flow of information generated through gazing at the moving and flickering icons to the physiological activity of the individual’s body.

Quality Of Life

One in ten people are thought to suffer from Dyslexia, with boys affected more often than girls. Many sufferers go undiagnosed and undetected. Innovative BrightStar Learning Technology may alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with poor reading performance, leading to a greater quality of life and productivity for those who suffer from the pervasive problem of reading difficulties.