The BrightStar program can bring about a dramatic improvement within a short span of time. Thousands of people have already benefited from an earlier non-internet version of BrightStar Reader. Those who took part in BrightStar Reader program, often found their reading age advanced by 11 months—a very significant improvement.

It has been clinically proven that literacy skills like reading and writing were often improved by the earlier version of the BrightStar Reader. During such clinical testing of the BrightStar Reader program, it was discovered that single-word recognition progressed by as much as 19 months in children.

The earlier version of the BrightStar Reader technology was clinically tested by Nottingham University in the United Kingdom. See Liddle, E., Jackson, G., and Jackson, S., An Evaluation of a visual Biofeedback Intervention in Dyslexic Adults. Dyslexia 11: 61-77 (2005).

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