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Improved reading skills

With BrightStar, you take your reading skills to new levels … in just 2 months!

Better concentration

Using our program, the brain learns to work more efficiently, and eyes remain more in focus.

[icon size=”small” color=”Extra-Color-2″ image=”icon-magnet”]Greater fluency

Studies show that our programs lead to greater fluency in rapid naming and reading aloud.

More focus

Our programs offer people
a longer span of attention and
improved coordination.


BrightStar Booster

Nowadays it is extremely important to be able to read fluently and comprehend texts quickly and fully. Even if your reading skills are up to par, imagine what you could do if your brain was functioning at a higher level?

BrightStar Booster is for everyone wanting to improve their results on key exams. It is especially beneficial for teenagers.

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BrightStar Reader

BrightStar Reader is a special version of our program that is adapted to the needs of young people with dyslexia, visual ADD and ADHD. It provides four extra BrightStar sessions, allowing children who need additional practice to gain maximum benefit from the program.

BrightStar Reader sessions are available at the same price as the Booster program sessions.

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BrightStar Builder

BrightStar Builder was developed as a result of pilots with our technology in multiple schools. It leads to optimal results within the curriculum of educational institutions.

BrightStar Builder is a year-round program, that lets students take a short set of BrightStar sessions periodically, at the most appropriate time.

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"We are amazed with the change in our son. His confidence has multiplied and he no longer holds back from doing things.
His teachers have mentioned this change and have said his SAT’s this year were just amazing"

− Mother of Chris Atkins (11 years old)

"The magnitude of the improvement observed in the study is extremely large and is therefore likely to be of real clinical importance.
On the timed single word-reading task, the improvement shown by the treatment group was more than twice as high than that shown by the placebo group."

− Professor Stephen Jackson, School of Psychology, Nottingham University

"The average improvement of the children in this study on at least one test was 18 months.

On average the children showed an 11 month improvement in word recognition, 9 months on single word reading and 7 months on spelling."

− School pilot - Feltham Community College

"As has been documented through extensive individual teacher's feedback, a majority of the children have demonstrated gains - in certain cases substantial - in both social and academic output. "

− Dr. Abhijit Bose, School Principal - Chinmaya Vidyalaya

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Progress in 6 weeks!

A research study of a 6 weeks program with BrightStar technology and remedial teaching.

In a Dutch study, data was analyzed of a group of young people who volunteered to take part in a special program.

Over a period of 3 years, 209 people joined this 6-week program. It consisted of 2 weekly 20 – 30 min. BrightStar sessions together with one weekly 45 min. remedial teaching session.

Note: Statistical analysis of the effects of the BrightStar treatment. CQM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2011)

  • improvement on a spelling test (PI)

    10 months
  • improvement on a reading test (CITO)

    9 months
  • improvement on a Reading fluency test (EMTb)

    8+ months
  • improvement on a Word reading test (DMT)

    8+ months
  • improvement on a Non-Word reading test (Klepel)

    7 months

In extensive initial and final assessments, their reading and spelling capabilities were tested through a set of tests for spelling and reading.

After the program, the observed changes were analyzed and the effects were determined. 

In the graph, the average improvement (in months) on several key tests is being shown of people, aged 12 – 16 year, in the 6-week study.

The labels for the reading and spelling tests refer to standardized Dutch educational tests for reading, spelling and fluency.

% improvement
in reading & language skills.
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