In this test we will use the same ‘Stroop effect’ as in the last test, but now with animals.

At first, the head, body and name of the animal will match. Stroop Effects will move from animal to animal and ask you which animal you see. 

stroop-animals-1Select the correct answer from the options menu at the bottom of the screen.

In Stage 2, the animal head and body will still match, but the name of the animal has been removed.

stroop-animals-2Select the correct animal from the options menu.

In Stage 3, consisting of 3 screens, the bodies and heads of the animals will NOT match.


Name the animal represented by the BODY of each animal illustration.

For instance, if you see a gazelle’s head on a pig’s body, select “pig” from the menu, if on snail’s body, select “snail“, on the rabbit’s body, select “rabbit“.

This concludes the instruction of the Assessment tests.

The objective is to ignore the “gazelle” nametag and the gazelle’s head, and choose the animal whose body is presented.