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The questions are divided into four categories for your convenience:

General: General questions about the BrightStar programs.
Technical: Questions concerning the setup and use of BrightStar programs.
Science: Questions about the science and research of BrightStar’s technology.
Purchase and Refund: Questions about the purchase and refund processes.

General Questions

What is BrightStar Booster / BrightStar Reader / BrightStar Builder?

BrightStar Booster, Reader and Builder are non-verbal, online, neuroscientific exercises that use unique visual stimulation in conjunction with a simple interactive game-like task and an eye tracking exercise to improve reading skills, concentration levels and eye – hand coordination.

For more information, visit Technology, download our Brochure or watch a short video.

What is the difference between BrightStar Booster, Reader and Builder?

The difference between Booster, Reader and Builder is threefold.

  • First and foremost the program sessions react to your abilities. It is based on a feedback loop and therefore each program immediately becomes highly customized. 
  • The second difference is the number of sessions. 
  • The product finally differ on application period. BrightStar Builder, for example, is customized for year programs.

As both programs are customized, the outcomes are different.

How do BrightStar programs differ from other reading improvement programs?

The difference in what BrightStar offers compared to all other neurological products on the market is the fact that we combine knowledge of the brain, and time the stimuli with the rhythm of the hart. As such the body reacts quickly and naturally to the changes that come about as a result of the stimulation by the moving lights and the exercises. 

It is therefore also longer lasting as it is not a cognitive training but a shift in balance and that takes place subconsciously.

How do BrightStar programs work?

The BrightStar programs use a unique form of visual stimulation to ‘prime’ and retrain certain parts of the brain responsible for involuntary motor control of eye movements. The end result is a faster, more natural experience in reading and learning.

For more information, visit Technology, the Science section, or download our Brochure.

From what age are BrightStar programs effective?

Since BrightStar programs promote a flow of sensori-motor and perceptual information that is helpful in strengthening the brain’s synapses needed to promote language and literacy skills, we recommend usage of our programs as of age 8. Young people in the age group of 8 – 24 will benefit fastest from BrightStar programs.

For more information, please visit Facts about Neuroplasticity.

When will I begin to see results with BrightStar programs?

Those who have used BrightStar programs have reported positive changes in their attitudes towards reading and writing at about the 5th or 6th session. At this point, these users also found that they have better focus when learning new subjects. Additional and significant reading and writing gains are often reported 2 – 3 weeks after the conclusion of the BrightStar program.

Are the beneficial effects of BrightStar programs permanent?

Over the years, our users have reported lasting benefits from participating in our programs. Our technology was developed to induce permanent change, targeted at improving reading, learning an coordination skills.

Please visit Testimonials for feedback from our users.

Is it better to do the program at school or at home?

Use our programs wherever you find it most convenient and most practical to stick to the required protocol.

For more information on recommended conditions, see Program instructions.

Are there any known side effects of using BrightStar programs?

Our experience has been that some users get tired during the sessions. It is felt as an intense exercise. In a few cases, we have had comments that dizziness had occurred, and in extreme cases nauseousness. A positive note on these side-effects is that these experiences were often accompanied with above average progress.

Can I follow the program sessions in a different schedule?

It’s important that you stick to using the program twice a week. Sought-after results have been observed in thousands of clients using this optimal schedule and frequency. 

Technical Questions

What are the Hardware & System requirements?

The hardware and system requirements for running our programs are:

A Personal Computer with Internet access:

  • Desktop / Laptop PC + (wired) mouse + keyboard + 15” Monitor or larger
  • BrightStar programs are not supported and should not be run on Tablets or Smartphones
  • The use of touchpads or trackballs is not recommended
  • Processor: 1.83 GHz or faster – recommended: 2.66 GHz DualCore or higher
  • RAM memory: 1 GB free RAM or more – recommended: 2GB or more
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or more

Software, Operating System & web browser:

  • Adobe Flash Player version 10.3 and higher is required
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or newer OS
  • Apple MacOS X 10.7 or newer OS
  • Apple Safari 6.1.1 and higher is recommended 
  • Firefox 3.6 and higher is recommended
  • Google Chrome 8 and higher – recommended: Chrome 10 and higher 
  • Internet Explorer 7 and higher – recommended: IE 9

Is there a mobile version of the program?

In order to ensure best results, we avoided creating a version of BrightStar for devices with smaller screens. BrightStar programs should be used on a computer with a screen larger than 15 inches wide (not diagonal).

I don't have internet access. Can I still use the program?

BrightStar Programs cannot be used without an Internet connection. In order to make the BrightStar programs available to an audience as wide as possible, we have developed it as an Internet-based application.

Are there any special considerations I need to keep in mind?

For best results with BrightStar programs, take care to follow the following recommendations:

  • Room temperature should be 20 – 24°C / 68 – 75°F.
  • Eliminate background noise.
  • Switch off possible source of distraction like mobile phones, tablets, etc..
  • The light in the room should be dimmed at the beginning of each session.
  • During the session the room should be dark — the darker, the better.
  • Sit at a distance away from the screen equal to the width of the screen. If the screen is 15 inches wide, sit 15 inches away from the screen.
  • Sit comfortably, please do not cross your legs.
  • During the session, eyes should be focused on the center of the screen.
  • The hand using the mouse should be visible at all times even when the road and car are not on screen.

Science Questions

Why are the games within the BrightStar program, repetitive?

BrightStar programs consist of an easy-to-use, repetitive, interactive motor task. The aim is to keep you focused, with a minimal need for the brain to monitor and prioritize other, external visual stimuli. As a result, the periphery of moving flashing icons can stimulate the magnocells. Read more about the Magnocellular Visual Pathway in our Science section.

Why is the road in the BrightStar program vertical?

We chose a vertical road to encourage the user to navigate the car along a horizontal axis. In this way, ‘driving’ the car demands repetitive right/left eye-hand movements that mimic the way our eyes and hands move while reading and writing.

How is my progress tracked? What feedback do I get?

BrightStar programs are different from other remedial software programs. You won’t see any score display or other overt signs of your progress within the application itself.

However, before the first session and after the last session of the BrightStar program, you will be presented with a set of cognitive tests. This provides a way of measuring the progress of your cognitive abilities that are related to reading. These tests measure:

  • Sensory versus perceptual stimuli interference effect – your reaction time and accuracy when naming colors and reading words in color (for instance “black” is easier to read than “black”). This is called the Stroop effect test.
  • Word recognition – your reading speed. WordChains Word Recognition metric system helps us understand how fast you identify words. Word recognition is an important enabling phase for attaining smooth and effortless reading fluency.
  • The BrightStar Programs also provide performance feedback in regards to the actual progress made while interactively playing the game-like tasks:
  • Performance Sensory-Motor Progress, which shows how fluid and accurate your movements are (e.g. too slow or too fast or almost null) in relation to the navigation task (e.g. inside/outside the road, how close you succeeded maintaining the car to the center dividing line of the road).
  • Performance Visual Attention Spatial Lateralization Allocation Preference — Left Visual Field (LVF) versus Right Visual Field (RVF). Where in space do you naturally engage most your eye – hand coordination movements?

Over time you will notice that you can read with greater ease as well as focus for a longer period of time.

Of course you can also take didactic tests offered by the professional of your choice. Testing may be offered at school or you may need to set up a private appointment. These tests offer an assessment of your progress in reading fluency and comprehension. A teacher at school can also follow up on your progress and let you know if and in what way you’re making gains in your literacy skills. This can be done both during and after you complete the BrightStar program.

Who carried out the first 'clinical trials' on BrightStar Technology?

An early version of the BrightStar technology was tested by Nottingham University in the United Kingdom. See Liddle, E., Jackson, G., and Jackson, S., An Evaluation of a visual Biofeedback Intervention in Dyslexic Adults. Dyslexia 11: 61-77 (2005).

Can you provide me with background history on the program?

The following presentations offer background material on the history of the BrightStar program:

  1. Bondorowicz, S., Kullok, J. R., Kullok S., A combination of computerized photic stimuli technology and special needs teachings: A new and efficient method to ameliorate deficits associated with dyslexia. In: Proceedings Sixth BDA International Conference, 27-30 March, (2004) – University of Warwick, UK.
  2. Liddle, E., Jackson, G., and Jackson, S., An Evaluation of a visual Biofeedback Intervention in Dyslexic Adults. Dyslexia 11: 61-77 (2005).
  3. Statistical analysis of the effects of the BrightStar treatment. CQM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (2011)

For additional information, visit Technology, our Science section, and our homepage.

How does BrightStar Reader benefit other learning difficulties like ADD and ADHD?

BrightStar Program was conceived and developed as a sensori-motor visual perceptual technology that improves and triggers compensatory mechanisms for diminishing reading difficulties, reading disabilities, writing and spelling deficits. BrightStar Reader targets ‘basic language skill deficiencies’ in the population at large.

BrightStar Reader has a wider potential range of operation that exists independent of the educational psychology that packages and labels the above deficits into neat categories of learning disabilities. Today we know that there are overlaps between ADHD and dyspraxia with dyslexia at a rate of 50% to 60%. BrightStar Reader targets the deficiencies in language-based skills that accompany ADHD and/or dyspraxia, but does not target the impulsive behavior resulting from ADHD or the intrinsic lack of motor coordination and balance experienced by dyspraxics.

Purchase and Refund questions

Can I cancel purchase before starting the program?

If you haven’t started the BrightStar program yet, you can request your money back, but only within 21 days after purchase of the BrightStar Booster, Reader or Builder program. You will receive your money back in full after 14 working days of our having received in writing your request for reimbursement.

Can I claim for refund before completing the program?

No. If you had to discontinue the program for a force-majeure reason, please contact us and we will offer you the opportunity to re-engage your program sessions within 6 months from your request. You have 14 working days from your last session to approach us in writing with a request.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. We’re committed to providing high-quality service and products. Therefore, as we are certain that you will be pleased using BrightStar Program, we are offering you 100% money back guarantee. If, after completing the BrightStar Program and having accurately followed-through the program protocol in full, as indicated in the Protocol of use, you did not experience any improvement in your reading skills, simply let us know and one of our customer care specialists will refund your purchase in a prompt and courteous manner.

Please allow no less than 4 weeks after having ended the BrightStar program to reach conclusions about BrightStar’s efficiency in having improved your reading skills, because additional and significant reading and writing gains can take place during the 4 weeks following the conclusion of the BrightStar Program. This happens because your brain is still responding to the cumulative effects of the BrightStar sessions, and continues to adapt and retrain its neural circuits.

What are the criteria for a refund?

If you take the BrightStar program and comply in full with the program’s protocol as indicated in the Protocol section and nevertheless, 4 weeks after finalizing the program you have not experienced any improvements in your reading skills, we will refund your money in full.

Until when can I claim my refund?

You can claim your refund starting 4 weeks after completion of the program. Deadline for claiming your refund is 2 months after having completed the program.

Where will refund be credited to?

The refund will be credited to the account you specify. Please note that there could be bank charges on the refund.

What is the refund process?

We will refund your money within 4 weeks after having received your written request and after having verified you are eligible for it.