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Pre-session instructions

Log in to the BrightStar program using LOG IN in the Top menu of the website. Once logged-in, you should see a ‘Start Training’ button at the center of your ‘My Status’ page. This means you are ready to start your BrightStar session. 

Please make sure that:

  • The area surrounding you should be quiet and free of interruptions (such as phones ringing or children/siblings breaking in to ask questions).
  • Make sure you use the restroom before starting session as it should not be interrupted during its 12 minutes duration.
  • Dim or turn off any lights in the room where you will take the session.
  • You are sitting comfortably and your legs are NOT crossed.
  • The wired mouse should be controlled by your the dominant hand you use for writing.
  • Your hand and forearm should be visible and rested on the desk during the whole session.
  • Do not to talk during the session and remain focused on the center of the screen.
  • You sit directly in front of the screen. The distance from your eyes to the screen should be no more than the diagonal of the screen.

Session Stage I

Immediately after starting the first session (and each following one) you will see a passive, static image on a dark purple background. You should focus on the picture and not the moving lines entering the screen from its edges. Some of the lines will flash every once in a while – this is OK and part of what the BrightStar program is supposed to do.


Session Stage II

Time for some action!
Control the car on the screen with the computer mouse. It is important to try and maintain the car as close as possible to the line in the center of the road. If you drive off the road or move away from the line, you should try to return to the line as quickly as you can. 
Only left-to-right and right-to-left horizontal hand movements are required.

The conditions will change from time to time, with other road types and rain appearing. 


Session Stage III

This is an eye tracking exercise. You should follow the geometrical symbol from left to right, as it moves down the screen. 

Press-1-50Don't-Press-1-50Please press on the space key bar as soon as instructed, but watch out, only if instructed


Stage Change Alert

Whenever stages II or III above are about to begin again, a white frame will flash around the passive, static picture at the center of the screen. 

End of session

After concluding all stages of the session the program will stop and the session window will close. You’ll be shown scheduling information for the next program session.