"The results of our 9-year-old son are astounding."

− Kate Hemsley, Telford (United Kingdom)

"Thank you Brightstar!"

− Jet Spanhaak, Joure (the Netherlands)

"My son has really improved and that is thanks to the BrightStar Reader program."

− Pilar Velasco Áyala, Madrid (Spain)

"My son really enjoyed BrightStar Booster."

− Parul Saxena, Noida (India)

"After completion of the 6-week program, Maud had made incredible progress.
Her reading skills had progressed three levels (AVI)!

School became a lot easier for her after this intervention."

− Annelies van der Linden den Houting

"A few weeks after he had completed the program, Bas came home with very successful results from school. He had made huge progress in his reading levels.

I am extremely happy to have tried this revolutionary approach."

− Ilse Steigstra, the Netherlands

"Fairly soon after Emil started the program, his skills started to improve.

After the program, the results were short of amazing! He had improved 4 levels in reading, his confidence had increased, he felt less tired, slept better and started talking more to his peers and me."

− Jet Spanhaak, Emil's mother

"I'm thankful to BrightStar and for the decision to opt for this Booster program.
I have seen immense improvement in my child's concentration and overall development on social and self-confidence grounds. He has become clear and responsive."

− Father of Dhruv Sood (11 years old), India

"Bobby would avoid reading at any cost – it was a major task.
With BrightStar, something clicked right away. He could focus more.
He's happier now because his homework is not as hard as it was before. He has more control."

− Father of Bobby Armas (14 years old), source: Marin Independent Journal, marinij.com

"Before I took BrightStar Reader, I had more problems spelling words and reading long texts.
After taking the program, I noticed that I was able to read texts faster. Especially at exams, because you need to read a lot. With Biology and English I was ready much earlier than I expected."

− Linnea (15 years old), source: Student Profile, Blankestijn Institute (the Netherlands), inbl.nl

"First we had some concerns. But a month into the program, Bobby said that his reading felt easier.
This month, his report card boasts three Bs, the first time he has ever received such grades.
The other day, he was laughing while reading a Roald Dahl book. I knew he understood what he read."

− Father and mother of Nelson Ferris-Alvarenga (11 years old), source: The Mercury News, mercurynews.com

"After several sessions of Brightstar Booster I noticed that I was able to concentrate for significantly longer periods of time.
Additionally, I was able to absorb information faster and retain it longer.
From my experience I believe that this technology is extremely beneficial and I fully recommend it."

− Gwen (22 years old), Scotland